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Do you have $3.00 and 10 minutes? You can make your very own newborn posing pillow!

DSC_2935 DSC_2930

Plus – You don’t have to sew – AT ALL!!


Think about what makes up a posing pillow. Fabric on the outside filled with something. That filling would ideally be moldable and not bumpy. Bonus if you can modify the shape. Double bonus if it could be warmed to help baby sleep.

Here’s what you need.

1. Sock (or tights, or even an old shirt sleeve)

2. Rice (or flax seed, or beans – but not sure you can really warm those up)

OK – ready to see it?

Knee high socks and 2 bags of rice from the Dollar Tree – $3.00 total. (will make 2 rice posing pillows). I used a paper cup to fill the socks. You could use a funnel or even a paper plate or piece of paper rolled up to pour rice into the sock. DSC_2915

I cut the bottom out of my cup to make a large opening for my funnel.DSC_2919

Put cup or funnel into the top of the sock. DSC_2921

Cut the corner off of the rice bag.DSC_2924

WHOOPS – hold onto that cup and cuff of the sock – maybe tape it if you’re taking pictures and doing this one handed?!??! What a mess…..DSC_2926

Entire bag of rice goes in – pretty straight forward.DSC_2928

Tie the open end.DSC_2930

You can vary the firmness or size of this poser by where you tie it off. You don’t like the size/shape? Undo the knot and retie.DSC_2931

Tuck the ends under if you want. Don’t like the shape of the sock with the heel? Go ahead and tie off that area too. (or use a pair of cheap knit tights, tube socks or even a shirt/sweater sleeve)DSC_2932

Wrap around the sock to make the donut shape of some newborn posers. You could even attach the ends if you wanted.DSC_2935

This is exactly how I have made rice or flax heating bags. So you could microwave this – CAREFULLY – avoiding hot spots. Or use a heating pad under your posing fabric to warm up the rice filled socks. These rice posers mold nicely for positioning baby and are nice and smooth. You can even throw extra rice bags in the bottom of a bucket or bowl to add weight and stability when doing prop shots.

Have fun!!

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