Kindergarten Graduation Photos 2012 | Carlsbad child photographer

Time for a personal post from me. My oldest daughter is a few days away from her Kindergarten graduation from Redeemer by the Sea.

Seems like just yesterday that I was packing her backpack for the first time, holding her small hand while we walked to her new classroom and wiped the tears away as I said good-bye (her tears and mine). Through this year I have watch her grow in ways I never imagined. She can read and write, understands amazing new concepts, grasps logic and uses words and phrases that surprise me (sometimes NOT a good thing). She has made some great friendships this year as well, many I hope she can continue on with in the coming years. Having a small class has made them all a big family and has allowed us parents a chance to get to know each other as well.

As the last week crept up on us, it became apparent that I needed to slow down time and preserve this moment for myself and the other parents. It was going too fast and many details have been a blur – this class is very active and does ALOT of extra activities. So I took a few moments today to take formal Graduation photos of the class. Hope you enjoy!


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