Seeing Double for the Holidays! | Carlsbad Twin photographer

What do you say when a Moms Club asks you to help them with their Holiday photo fundraiser? You say “YES!” And what if they are a club for families with twins or triplets? “DOUBLE YES!”┬áNorth County Moms of Multiples asked me to photograph their families for their Annual Holiday Photo Fundraiser and I was so excited to work with them this year.As a Mom with twins and an older child, I know the challenges of having multiple children, let alone the special challenge of getting them all dressed, happy and looking at the camera at the same time. I was up for the challenge.I photographed lots of twins and a set of triplets.There were families of all sizes, families of 4 up to families of 7.Familes of all boys, families of just girls and then families with a great mix of both.Unfortunately, we could not prepare for the crazy rain we had. Our first day of sessions got rained out after we squeezed a few shots in and luckily the next day was drier but so dark and gloomy. I think we still captured some great shots of these adorable kids and great families. After all the make-up sessions and dealing with the delays, I still can say it was a fun experience and I’d do it again.

North County Moms of Multiples is an awesome group and if you have multiples you really should join the club and get to know these awesome families. Hopefully I’ll see some of these families again for their next set of Holiday photos.

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5 Responses to Seeing Double for the Holidays! | Carlsbad Twin photographer

  1. Ashlyn says:

    Super super cute x2! Love these shots, great work.

  2. kate lall says:

    What a beautiful family!! Great shots. Very nice job!!

  3. These are great Kirsten! I couldn’t even tell it was a gloomy day. Looks like so much fun was had.

  4. Melissa Berg says:

    Wow great work! I have yet to work with multiples but it looks like a lot of fun! :)

  5. Jill Blair says:

    Gorgeous !

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