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How much do you value the pictures of your family and especially your children? I’m not asking about a monetary expense but TRUE value. Those moments captured and preserved on paper can not be replaced. You flip through photos and are brought back to that special moment. You remember the warmth of the sun, the smell of the salt air, the touch of a loved one, all the emotions from that day, all from looking a a photograph. Sure, the paper cost a few cents, then there was the printer costs, the price of a camera or a professioan photograher, and of course the expense of whatever it was that created that moment. But the true value? Its priceless.

So if those photographs are worth so much to each of us, why do we hesitate to invest in quality professional photography? We’ll purchase an expense camera and snap off photos at all events, photos that are poorly lit, quickly composed and most likely underexposed. Then we print them off at the grocery store and we grumble at the dark greenish pictures, BUT we still love the memories that were captured. We waste money on bad prints over and over again.

But professional photos cost too much. Really? The average photography client spends $500-$1000 a year on portraits. $1000 sounds like a lot to spend on prints but broken down over 52 weeks that averages out to $19 per week – if you get your families pictures done professional every other year the price is only $1.40 per day. If you sat down and added it up, you probably spend $500-$100 a year on fancy coffees and overpriced pastries. An iphone or similar cost $250+, designer purses & jeans more, luxury cars thousands more. Many people don’t hesitate to spend money on material possessions that will only last a short time yet those same people grumble about spending money on professional images that will last for generations.

So, how much do you value photographs of your family? Can you afford $10 a week to capture those special fleeting memories? Get out and get those pictures taken. Time flies by so quickly when your children are little and you can’t get those moments back.


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