1st Birthday Cake Smash | Carlsbad Baby Photographer

A first birthday is a BIG deal. Mostly its for the family since the child is oblivious to the HUGENESS of this milestone. Yeah sure, the toys are cool, but overall he or she just wants to play with the packaging and the boxes. Parties at this age can be overwhelming with all the people staring and fussing over you. Then Mom or Dad shoves a big frosted thing in your face… and its on fire, everyone sings and then they want you to eat this very sweet and very messy object. My kids all ended up in tears over this rite of passage.

So, a very fun and festive way to celebrate this big day is the First Birthday Cake smash. Its exactly what it sounds like. You strip the child down to a diaper or bathing suit, stick a bright colorful cake within reach, and let nature take its course. Of course Mom’s job is to keep the child on task, to keep putting baby back near the cake, even demonstrating how to smash it for the really hesitant ones. My job is to snap as many pictures as possible, capturing the many faces and expressions of the child as he schmooshes (is that a word?) his hands and feet into the soft cake. And then after Mom and I hose baby off, I get to put the images together to tell a story in a fun collage.

This is a great way to celebrate Baby’s first Birthday, also a cool idea to do a early and use the collage as a Birthday party invitation. Have an older child? How about turning your 2 or 3 year old loose with a bunch of finger paints? The ideas are endless. Now go get a slice of cake.

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