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As a photographer I find props really help to make each shoot special and unique. Having a wide variety of props, blankets and backgrounds allows each family a chance to customize their session and the overall look of their photos reflects their personalities and style. BUT as a photographer, these fun props cost a pretty penny and these costs quickly add up. (It doesn’t help if you are secretly addicted to props and buy more than you need and continue to update your selection more often than necessary… sigh.) Whenever possible, I try to make my props or find a friend to make them for me.

One prop I really like but could not spend the money on was the unique colorful fringe blankets. These sell on “handmade” websites for $50-$100, and while they might be worth it, that chunk of change for a bunch of yarn was hard to part with. So I decided to make my own. I can tell you why these cost so much. Its takes ALOT of time to make. BUT if you have some time and some patience, you could make one while watching TV at night. For me it would take more than 1 night, but if you tie fast and watch alot of TV, you could do this in a night. :)

Here’s my VERY basic tutorial – with pictures – on how to make your own photography fringe blanket. I used a 8×8 crochet washcloth and some soft variegated yarn I picked up at Walmart and the largest crochet hook I had, which really is a med size hook. (Ignore the photo quality, this was a very quick last minute decision to photograph this process at night.)


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  1. Rosi says:

    Awesome! I started making one last night and did a quick google search to see if I was on the right track, feeling a little better after seeing this post!

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