Cute Baby Cheeks | Carlsbad Newborn Photographer

Sweet adorable chunky cheeks!

How could you not want to cuddle this little guy? Baby Tosh came into studio with his sweet mom and I fell in love with his sweet chunky little cheeks. If you have ever been around newborns, you’ll know that the little ones can be quite skinny, maybe a round belly, but in the first week or so so they lose some weight and I see alot of long skinny arms and legs. Nope, not this guy. He was just so smooshy and I wanted to cuddle him all day. He was a tad fussy until he gave in and fell asleep, but you would never know it from his precious images. He let me play with all sorts of hats – such a great model!

p.s. His Mom was super cool and donated a few fun scarves to my prop stash. OH! AND she runs her own CUPCAKE business. I gotta get some for our next party – I heard they are to die for! Check her out HERE

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