Birthday Cake Smash can be FUN and Creative | Carlsbad birthday photographer

Celebrating Baby’s first birthday is such an awesome milestone to capture with a special photography session. A 1st Birthday session can be simply traditional portraits in studio, out on location or super fun and creative with a cake smash! To help you visual some options for your child’s first or second birthday celebration, I have put together a collection of collages and photos I have done to preserve these milestones! Enjoy!

birthday cake smash

DSC_5941 cake smash first birthdayDSC_4724_1first birthdaybirthday beach portraitsDSC_0112first birthday  DSC_0123 



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Baby boy modeling Mom’s crochet hats | Carlsbad newborn photographer

Having a baby to model your own crochet creations must be nice… Having a Mom who can crochet awesome items is simply wonderful.

Little man “C” ended up being the perfect newborn client for me and the ideal model for his Mom. Check out his awesome shots and then pop over and see where to get your very own crochet items from his lovely Mom at Stitches by Moonlight.

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New products for Clients, fun samples for the Studio

More to come, but here’s a sneak peak of some new items I will be offering.

Showing the different types of mounting options, all very light, some are better for framing, some can hang directly on the wall.

Comparing sizes… 5×7, 16×20, 30×36

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Easter Fun – Resurrection Rolls | Carlsbad Church

Not everyone knows the many things I am busy doing each week, but one of my favorites is being part of a great program called Mornings with Mommy at Beautiful Saviour Church. This fun hands-on Mommy and child program combines the well thought out plans of a teacher with the one-on-one play of their Mommy to make a fun learning experience. If you’re local to Carlsbad area and want to check it out, click HERE (FYI – I teach Wednesday’s session).

Back to my post topic. We have been busy learning and celebrating Spring and Easter this month. One of the fun things we did with our class this week was to have a unique snack after learning about Jesus and His awesome Easter story. This special treat was a roll that was …. EMPTY! That’s right, it started off with a large marshmallow inside, but after cooking its gone – just like jesus rising from the dead – and its replaced by a sweet gooey center – another reminder that while something “being gone” might seem sad, sometimes its a reason to celebrate and has a happy ending!


How to make. You need any prepackaged bread or roll dough. I like crecent roll dough, but any kind will work. Large marshmallows, melted butter, cinnamon and sugar.

Unroll the dough, place the marshmallow in the middle and wrap the dough around it, make sure to seal it well.  Tell your child that its like Jesus being put into the tomb after he died on the cross and being sealed inside by the large stone. Now brush on the melted butter and sprinkle the cinnamon and sugar on top. (You can also dip the marshmallow in the butter and roll it in the cinnamon and sugar mixture BEFORE wrapping it in the dough for a sweeter treat, but this is still a sweet sticky snack either way!) Bake your resurrection roll according to the package directions for your bread dough. Once done, your child can open it up to discover that the “tomb” is now empty leaving behind a sweet center.


This is NOT my picture, but I thought the visual would help. Its from

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6 months Baby Boy Easter Session | Carlsbad Baby photographer

This cute boy keeps growing and getting cuter all the time. He has decided we are friends and will flash me his cute smiles as I make goofy faces. He was very handsome in his Easter best and had a blast playing with the Easter eggs.

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Spring Photography Special | Carlsbad photographer

Spring session special

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Happy Baby Girl Smiles | Carlsbad Child photographer

I love when babies get to the age where they flash those smiles, showing off dimples and personality. Baby “G” was super excited to play with me, waving her little arms and kicking her legs. Gave me a workout trying to capture her smiles while she was wiggling and moving all about!

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Love Boat | Newport Beach Wedding photography

Love makes people happy, and when people are happy they smile and their whole body glows. These two young people were so happy and you could feel the warmth of that glow throughout the wedding.

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Holiday Family Session Old Poway Park | San Diego Family Photographer

I love when I meet a great family and get asked to shoot different sessions during the year. It feels like family, and what a cute fun family they are! Geez those kids are just amazing!

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Nautical stylized shoot | San Diego wedding photographer

While I focus on newborns and families, I find myself drawn to the excitement and energy of weddings as well. I also love to socialize with other photographers. So when Karen Stott offered a  Pursuit 31 photography workshop with a stylized wedding shoot here in San Diego, I was so excited to get involved!We started off in a basic workshop going over our goals, passions and fears. This group of women were so supportive and encouraging, I’m sure many of us will stay in touch as we grow in our business and personal lives. With several yummy meals provided by Keary Cheney (another local photographer and great vegan cook) we were off to the Oceanside Marina to capture some great wedding shots with some talented models.

Lukas and Suzy VanDyke were not only our great models for the day, but also wonderfully talented photographers who were super willing and helpful to us as we posed and set up our shots. After shooting all the details, and capturing some great shots in the honeymoon suite at the Oceanside marina Inn, we trekked through the dirt, over a wall, through stinky sand under the overpass to find the perfect light in a fun location. To our surprise our models jumped into the cold water and we got some fun unique images!

Make sure to check out the fabulous vendors who made the session possible, I listed them at the bottom of this post! Enjoy!

And of course a fun behind the scenes shot for Lukas, as he gets “the shot” of his gorgeous wife on the rocks!

Venue: Oceanside Marina Suites | Stylist/co-ordinator: Purple Meadows Events | Models: Lukas & Suzy VanDykeProps: Tasteful Tatters | Florist: Sweet Violets | Table Settings: The Vintage Table Co. | Make up & Hair artist: Nikki Miller | Cake: The Scootabaker | Paper goods: Linz Loves You

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